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Mavijet Waterjet Cutting Technology, can process cold cutting of all kinds of materials (Glass, Marble, Granite, Ceramics, Aluminum, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, Mild Steel, Hardox, Titanium, All Composites, Clothing, Cake etc..) with low tolerances without causing electrical, chemical and optical reaction. Cutting process is 100% physical and is realized with the power generated by mixing highly pressurized water (up to 6000 bars) and abrasive sand.
OMAS METAL INDUSTRIES and TRADING CO. LTD. is a manufacturing company rendering sales, marketing and logistics services for the effective and efficient delivery of the technological products to the consumers. Omas with its standing in technology supply network and its professionalism, productivity, honesty and market development qualifications maintained since it is founded is recognized as one of the leading companies of the technology market of Turkey.

Omas is founded in 1995 and markets circular metal profile cutting saws, marble, granite, asphalt, concrete cutting saws, knife-edge disks in international standards throughout Turkey and Asian countries.


Our establishment aims to increase its market share and competition power by offering products that satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers. By creating the facilities for the continuous development of our staff, closely following-up the developing technology and adopting continuous betterment understanding we strive to be the leader in our sector.
We have been providing services for the marble, granite and natural stone industry since 1980 with our distribution network spreading throughout all regions of Turkey, particularly the Aegean and Mediterranean, and our product range, consisting of marble and granite cutting machines, mosaic meshes, abrasives and other consumables. We have a number of marble manufacturers, factories, workshops and marble quarries in our customer portfolio. Since the day we were founded we have been working for our industry with trustworthy, close relations and providing pre-sale and after-sale services with an agile and honest working principle.
Ozfatihler crane machinery industry began in the early 1990s through the leading of founder Abdullah Cimen in Konya being candidate of the heart of the industry in Turkey. Our company proved itself in Turkey as a giant manufacturer starting from a small shop and targeted to prove Turkish technology to everyone in the world. Giving the service, after-sales customer satisfaction and feedback our company has also won the approval of its competitors.